Sunday, January 30, 2005


I added ads to this blog. partially so that I can make some kizzash, and also partially because I think that they will give me better page view statistics. so, to all those that think making money on the internets is cool, hook it up, post, and we will split the dividends. ok, peace out.

Difficulty with music software.

last night I spent about 3 hours on di phone with my sister, helping her ta get ableton live up and running. live is di argueably di easiest piece of music software ta use, and without a doubt one of di prettiest, but deh was many a snag along di way. most of these snags were hardware related (turned out, her sound card would work in one usb port and not di other) and I just had some audio hardware snags dis ya morning, so I am ready ta filp out on dis ya business.

I was over at di radio station, doing my thing, and I thought ta myself, hmm, maybe I will play some mp3z off of my laptop. I hooked it up, and did so, but I got ta tell I and I, di signal ta noise ratio on my laptops headphone jack is horrendous. wa mek oh jah wa mek couldn't toshiba just have built in a bad soundcard or barring that, wa mek has one not made it ta di market in di sub 100 range that has quarter inch jacks on it. I have had it up ta yahso with eighth inch. it is really truely crap.

also, last night, I thought ta myself...

Friday, January 28, 2005

short check up

so, it is really late, and I need to wake up in 6 hours to run a LARPG (google it) for little girls, but because of my strive to post every day, I am going to drop something on you that I should probably just send to (check it out) ummm, and maybe I won't even hypertext it correctly. ..


it seems to be part of some mp3 giveaway artist type thing, which I hope to become one of. Also, I just had an idea tonight, to make music that sounds like that first time you listened to an album at 45 just because you could. you know, because you can't anymore, and that was really sweet.

also, I am starting to find this thread, you may see it in the comments there on the link that I posted, but it is also going on over at gutterbreakz, about ghettotech music and how electronics are fitting into that. I walked into my room tonight and was presented with a large pile of gear (mostly electronic, some customized stuff, some normal instruments, about 50 pounds [maybe more] altogether), and I wondered, what would someone who knows music only from top 40 and garage bands think of this horrible pile of shit.
I would like to think that I am somehow bridging the gap with my prosumer approach, but it may be that the studio that gave rise to the 80s sound has finally made it home, and if so, why the fuck are we still listening to music that sounds the same as the cutting edge did in the late 70s.
As I write this however, I should point out that I am listening to videogame music that has been expertly remixed into easy listening/makeout music. So, you know, catch up with this shit people, and accept my piles of ghetto ass electronic gear.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Catching up

I spent some quality mIRC time catching up with an old friend. Also, Jon, you've been blogging like a lumberjack man, props to that shit.

* Now talking in #blah
* Topic is 'It's as Anne as the nose on plain's face.'
* Set by Allax on Mon Dec 06 18:41:14
[Elijaoutsijah] dude there are some light notebooks coming out
[Elijaoutsijah] this fujitsu p7000 is 3.3 lbs
[Elijaoutsijah] and its 1.1 ghz mobile processor
[Elijaoutsijah] its crazy
[Elijaoutsijah] soon we'll have some cool shit
[Elijaoutsijah] but batteries arent becoming any more powerful
[Elijaoutsijah] so we are eating up more and more power exponentially
[Elijaoutsijah] but not matching up with the energy resources
[Elijaoutsijah] so lets see.. burnout... civilization.. in a couple of years? =)
[Allax] I can't wait
[Allax] Going back to nature will rock.
[Allax] I'll probably die fast
[Allax] But the little time I have to enjoy nature would rock.


so, I know it is not professional to tell you all about the internal workings of the site, but this pertains to all of you.

I fixed the comments!!! you can now comment on posts, so, please, do so!!! I can't wait to see what other people have to say about my short rambling statements about nothing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

music that sounds like

When squarepusher was just learning to play the bass, and his friend came over with a harmonica, and then they built a robot drummer, but was made mostly out of a car that they had stolen earlier that week, so the snare drum never sounded quite right.

the guy with the harmonica said, "hey, lets go to the liquor store and buy some 40s" but on his way through the front door he was shot, so squarepusher jammed the harmonica in his mouth while he was breathing his last breaths.

this track was recorded directly to the 911 emergency recording system.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


1. Don't post every day if you don't have something to say, it just cheapens the whole mess of words that are up here.
2. If you don't have something good to say, make up some litigous statements, or something that you can spend more time commenting on.
3. While adding to the metadata of the web is nice, it is also necessary if you are a poor writer.
4. Only post links to songs if you can provide full length high quality mp3 or at least something by the same artist that sounds similar, or an artist with a similar sounding name.
5. Having something better to do is no excuse for not posting.


also, I have been commenting alot over on gutterbreakz, so feel free to hit that up, and read what I have to say there.

Monday, January 24, 2005


hey I know I am posting twice in one day, but I couldn't resist.

the funny.

A few thoughts and possible directions

Today as I was walking from my house to WRCT [my radio station] I realized the reason that I chose to study design was not from any super starz or books, but rather because I really liked rave flyers. well, I got to tell you, that was the most bomb ass decision that I ever made, because now I still have the opportunity to find a super star to inspire me. The thought that triggered this thought was about my uncle, who was supposedly inspired to become a doctor by reading a book called "the lives of a cell".

on a different note, I think that this blog may look like a live journal for a second now, because I will be posting daily. I think I may do some work on the backend of the site that is running on the server that I have managed to keep up for the past week, and then migrate my post from this blog, and a blog that I was working on about 3 year ago over to that box.

on yet another note, it seems like css is a bomb wild thing to do. so, maybe I will learn a little bit by hax0ring up a css zen garden.

well, that was some dumb writing, but my method at getting better at anything is just to practice everyday.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


I have been trying to resist posting this because it would almost make this feed seem as if it had a life, but I really can't resist.

my first ever interweb label release is out on floppyswop. I don't know if anyone is reading this blog, but if you are, please go download.

on a only slightly related note, I think that maybe the point of these things are to write as if no one else is reading for the maximum potential energy of the folksonomy/emergent intelligence of the net to form. Or maybe not, but that is a nice thought isn't it?

Art gallery attendent

I am an employee at an art gallery that is on my college campus, and for the most part I enjoy my job quite a bit. The artists that come through here seem to be interesting enough, and the masters students shows are always good (the last one had a psychadelic water bed that I napped on occasionally).

The current show, however, seems to be something different, or at least worth writing a few words about. I am currently sitting on the third floor, in the midst of an exhibit by david robbins. The exhibit is a collection of work related to his "ice cream social" a collection of different pieces including a tv show, some poetry, a movie, some bowls, and other stuff. The book that describes his work explains it by saying that he is exploring the events of one night during which he hung a painting at a baskin robbins. While I like his repetition, I find that with so much work that he has supposedly put into this, the floor could be a bit more than two projections, a few refridgerators and some vinyl lettering (god, someone needs to ban that stuff. at least ban artists from using it.)

I like the mood that is established, but really, it seems like there could be just a bit more here.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


hey floks, we all know you sleep. You don't have to show it to us to drive the point home.

I got really angry watching this because it reminded me that almost every product demonstration video that I have seen a design student make includes a section with them sleeping. some times the whole video is about them sleeping. unless the sleeping actually proves something, don't include it. I think that one of my major complaints is the fact that no one ever performs that well directly out of bed.

I wish I had more examples to show, but sadly I have not collected design demonstration videos.

On another note, the wakeup scene was used well in "ghost in the shell" but that was only because you were like, what the hell is a robot doing sleeping?!?!