Friday, September 16, 2005

c.j.t (2 of 6) - dumpsters and donuts

last night I went with my roommate billy to get rid of a trashcan that the garbage men had not been emptying. The cops rolled up just as we were tipping it into the dumpster outside of his office and informed us that we were "stealing services". Later on, while coming home from the bar, I decided I wanted some donuts. the store that I went to had those same cops in it! I said, "do you have any donuts?", and the attendent said "you will have to wait until 4 or 5 am"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

c.j.t (1 of 6)

today I went through the motions of the first drunken conversation that I generally have with a person. family mental health history, drug usage, big plans. I suppose that it always ends up at the big plans stage.

(1) Today I went out for a coupla' drinks with my boss, and we ended up talking about the basics...
(2) or at least I did, covered the mental health of my family, my drug use family, and my large plans.
(3) [me sitting with my 3rd glass of beer (dark)]
(4) she offered me to trade a painting for theknowledgeoftheweb.
(5) I told her about my emo ass comics...
(6) ...